Wilderness of mirrors

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Hybrid threats have become the 21st security challenge for Western countries. They reflect significant change in the nature of international security. Change tends to increase feelings of insecurity and, historically, frictions in society, all the more so because hybrid threats are complex and ambiguous. Some people look to the past for answers, while others have forgotten the past. There are those who argue more vigorously for adapting to change, and there are those who try to defend the status quo. In some cases facts turn into views, opinions and perspectives – or worse, vice versa. This means that the picture of the security environment is not simply black or white. It is complex, multi-layeredand multidimensional. Thus, analysis of what has changed, how it is changed and what does it mean for democratic states is at the core of understanding the nature of the current security environment in Europe. The author, previously employed in the Swedish military intelligence service, covers all aspects of the subject from a Swedish standpoint. The book spans the whole field: principles, theories, methods and applications, and is concluded with appendices giving an account of the Swedish intelligence service’s history and a number of interesting case

Utgivningsår: 2003
ISBN: 91-89683-55-2
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Artikelnummer: FHS-06084