UNSCR 1325 and civil-military cooperation

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The scope and intensity of cooperation between civilian and military actors has increased over the past few decades, calling for concepts and measures that will improve civilian and military cooperation, not least when integrating a gender perspective into international peacekeeping operations. Lack of cooperation in this area can worsen the situation for local women in particular, while good cooperation around the gender perspective can improve conditions for both women and men in the affected area.

The purpose of the study that is presented in this report was to examine the obstacles and opportunities for cooperation between Swedish military and civilian actors in international conflict management when implementing UNSCR 1325.

The goal of the study was also to generate a number of shared values and measures for civilian and military cooperation, and the first civil-military cooperation doctrine for United Nations Security council Resolution 1325 is presented in this report.

Utgivningsår: 2008
ISSN: 1653-1523
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Serie: ILM. Serie I
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