A Slavic Triangle?

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No event since 1945 has had such tremendous an impact on world politics as the dissolution of the Soviet empire, the Warsaw Pact and the USSR at the turn of the 1990s; these events truly marked the end of an era in International relations. They have already gone down in the history books as a truly revolutionary process and they will certainly survive the critical eyes for future historians as well.

Utgivningsår: 2002
ISBN: 91-89683-16-1
ISSN: 1402-7593
Format: Mjuk pärm
Sidomfång: 128
Artikelnummer: FHS-05686

Serie: Försvarshögskolans acta. B
Nummerserie: 25
Serie 2: Swedish National Defence College acta. B
Anmärkning: Felaktigt märkt som nr 23 i Försvarshögskolans acta B