The Tightening Grip

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War Studies Research Reports No. 14The Tightening Grip builds upon Magne Haugseng’s field studies during the 1970s and covers the conflict in Northern Ireland – ’the Troubles’ – from 1969 to 2005. Important issues in this long Low-Intensity Conflict, such as ideas and methods in counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism, are seen in the context of intelligence-gathering and civilian-military co-operation, as well as coordination. Magne Haugseng is an Associate of the Centre for the Study of Cities and Regions at the University of Durham. He previously developed one of the first large data sets on terrorism and socio-economic conditions in Northern Ireland.

Utgivningsår: 2006
ISBN: 91-85401-44-7
ISSN: 1652-229X
Format: Mjuk pärm
Sidomfång: 142
Artikelnummer: FHS-06059

Serie: Krigsvetenskapliga forskningsrapporter
Nummerserie: 14
Serie 2: War studies research reports