Terrorism Learning and Innovation

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The conflict in Northern Ireland has been one of Europe’s most intractable conflicts over the last three decades. Provisional IRA has been a central protagonist to the conflict and is one of the most sophisticated terrorist organizations around in terms of modus operandi, countersurveillance, terror tactics and technical expertise (development of IEDs) in waging a protracted terror campaign in Northern Ireland and on the UK mainland.

On 17 April 2012, CATS hosted a closed expert seminar entitled ’PIRA – Lessons Learned’ with contributions from the leading academics on ’the Troubles’ and unique practitioner insights into the dynamics of PIRA political and military strategy, the evolution of its tactical innovation and bomb-making skills, the view from inside the organization and those that battle it from the frontlines as well as the lessons learned in terms of conflict resolution and peace-building.

This report constitute a part of a wider research project – where Dr. Magnus Ranstorp is the principal investigator – supported by the Civil Contingency Agency into terrorist learning and innovation in EU and the consequences for planning and protection of critical infrastructure.

Utgivningsår: 2013
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