Terrorism in the Information Age

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In November 2003 a number of well renowned experts gathered for a two-day conference with the theme Terrorism in The Information Age – New Frontiers? The purpose of the conference was to provide an interdisciplinary forum to assess the likelihood of when a more advanced information/cyber attack would occur and which non-state actor(s) would most likely be first in line in employing the cyber sphere as an offensive weapon against critical infrastructure protection.

This book contains seven papers presented at the conference in which the contributors present their assessments within the context of broader analysis on the changing nature of asymmetric conflict and its consequences for critical infrastructure protection; the convergence between terrorism and the field of Information Operations and the specific methodologies used by terrorist groups in cyberspace. It concludes with an analysis of the role of PSYOPS in the Iraqi war.

Collectively these different perspectives provide a unique and comprehensive insight into the multidimensional relations that exist between terrorism and technology in an information age.

Utgivningsår: 2004
ISBN: 91-89683-52-8
ISSN: 1402-7593
Format: Mjuk pärm
Sidomfång: 128
Artikelnummer: FHS-06045

Serie: Försvarshögskolans acta. B
Nummerserie: 29
Serie 2: Swedish National Defence College acta. B