Strategies for Supporting Community Resilience

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This book provides examples of the community experiences and policy discussions that have served to stimulate a multinational dialogue on local and regional resilience. During six years of meetings, discussions, and community visits, participants in the Multinational Resilience Policy Group explored a wide range of policy leadership issues related to supporting community resilience. Participants in this Group have included policy officials, researchers, and local residents from the U.S., UK, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Israel, and Singapore.

A clear message echoed across these very different settings. If emergency preparedness and response are to be effective, an overreliance on central authorities must end. Local community members must be more involved in and even lead local and regional resilience activities. The chapters in this volume offer insights into a few of these experiences and focus on policy issues that proved particularly challenging and beneficial in the peer-to-peer discussions. In particular, several chapters highlight local experiences as told by the community members who struggle to overcome disasters. They include local community case stories that highlight the cutting-edge dilemmas of residents, local programs, and government agencies as they pursue community resilience. Other chapters provide accounts of the historical development of emergency strategies and identify some of the primary influences on current and emerging policy directions. Many of the chapters’ authors are directly involved in drafting and leading their national policy developments.

The chapters in this volume cover a range of strategies and experiences that demonstrate ways to strengthen collective governance in whatever specific form it takes in different countries. Communities find ways to succeed in normal times and they are persistently effective during the worst moments of emergencies and their aftermath.To support community resilience, the policy tasks are to identify and strengthen the core capacities and relationships that bind people and groups together, build the pathways that allow government to partner with local groups, and create and follow the fair processes that guide the negotiations needed for long-term investments. Future risk reduction depends on achieving many things, but high on that list is a collective ability to improve governance

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