Stockholm Contributions in Military-Technology 2007

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Within the military profession, military technology has for a long period of time been a major subject, dating back to the period of William the Conqueror. However, as academic subject in Sweden, Military-Technology is rather new; the Chair was constituted in 1999. The new subject is today defined as follows:

Military-Technology is the science which describes and explains how technology influences military activity at all levels and how the profession of an officer affects and is affected by technology. Military-Technology is based on several different subject areas from different disciplines and combines understanding of the military profession deriving from social science with the foundations of natural science and with a superstructure and dynamics supplied by engineering.

The goal of the series Stockholm Contributions in Military-Technology is that it will form a new forum for peer-reviewed papers within the vast area of Military-Technology, and that it will reflect development and progress within the subject. Some figures are presented in four-colour printing.

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