Motivation to be a soldier – a comparison of eight nations

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This is the second book published as a result of a transnational study involving Belgium, France, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey, in which we studied questions related to how military training is viewed by recruits in both all-volunteer armed forces and those based on conscription. The first book, Hedlund & Szvircsev Tresch (2014) ”Satisfaction in basic military training” was descriptive and focused on insights into the different countries’ specitic challenges and conditions. This second book presents theory based on comparative thematic results, which imparts important information on the similarities and differences between the countries involved. One significant and critical difference between the countries is the fact that some changed to all-volunteer forces some time ago, while others still have conscription.

Utgivningsår: 2017
ISBN: 978-91-86137-59-5
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Artikelnummer: FHS-07136
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