Facing uncertainty

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Uncertainty and change are two of the most commonly used words to characterise the future of the Armed Forces, and are most often coupled to demands for organisational adjustment and flexibility. In this report, Christopher Dandeker, Professor of Military Sociology and Head of the Department of war studies at King’s College in London, illuminates the complex and multi-dimensional character of current changes in the military field and, especially, their possible consequences on the ”soft” side of the military organisation: training, culture, legitimacy and the attractiveness of military careers from the point of view of public perceptions.

Utgivningsår: 1999
ISBN: 91-87136-49-X
ISSN: 1403-0748
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Artikelnummer: FHS-05791

Serie: Försvarshögskolans acta. D
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Serie 2: Swedish National Defence College acta. D