Clash of Expectations?

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This study analyses the security relations between Spain and North Africa from the colonial period until today. The author draws on the Regional Security Complex Theory (RSCT) developed by Barry Buzan and Ole Waever in order to explore the international context in which Spain and the EU are situated. He also studies how this context affects European policies related to security. This is done by analysing how Spain relates to both the European region (represented by the EU) and the North African region (represented by the Maghreb). In line with the RSCT this study treats EU-North African relations as the interaction between two Regional Security Complexes. Niklas Bremberg Heijl in his analysis demonstrates how the security policy of Spain has developed in interaction with the EEC and the EU, despite the country’s historical bonds with North Africa. The study illustrates how the renowned RSCT can be applied to further the understanding of both the development of EU’s security relations with its neighbours and of the impact of individual member states in this process

Utgivningsår: 2006
ISBN: 91-85401-43-9
ISSN: 1653-3097
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Serie: Studies in Security
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